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2006-11-22 11:32 am
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OK, idea of this inspired by [ profile] nienna_weeper

After posting my current pics in here yesterday, nienna commented and I explained in my reply how I did them. It made me think it could be fun to show anyone interested, as it really isn't actually difficult...the 'skill' if any is deciding how far to go to push the image or choosing which colours to enhance and so on.

SO...this is the ordinary original photo of Witley Court in Worcestershire, not that far from me. It's a ruined country house open to the public.

Witley Court, garden entrance

All the work is done using Corel Painter IX, but you can do more or less the same thing in other graphics programmes.

How to ruin a perfectly good photo!!!... )
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2006-11-22 12:27 am
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Pics I've been doing...

Some pics I've been working on, and this is just a very small selection. The one of Lizzie is a rarity, my usual style is like the other three here.

Beech Leaves

Lizzie... )

Rowan Leaves... )

Field... )