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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from yourprofile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interestedin them. Post your this along with your answers in your own journal sothat others can play along. My list from [ profile] lotrangel17

1. advent children: I love animation, love science fiction/fantasy and when I first saw this I was just blown away by how incredible it was. I loved the story, the characters, several appealing to my inner emo!kid and the rest grabbing hold of my inner kick ass attitude. The main thing at first was just how incredibly well done it was, making me forget that it was animation and not real sets and people. Every time I view it I see more details, like rain on leather, feet in puddles, figures in the background, the movement of hair in a breeze.

2. ff: Following mild addiction to 'Advent Children' I am now totally immersed in Final Fantasy fandom, and have got/am getting games and manga. I WAS going to blitz (in my own slow and incompetant way) through Dirge of Cerebus, but that was before middle remnant took his Playstation with him back to Uni! MOST inconsiderate!

3. folk music: I've loved folk music since I was in my early twenties and worked through the obvious and popular groups like Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention, waaay back in the 70's. Now I like people like Bellowhead and Runrig (though the latter aren't strictly speaking 'folk' being a long lasting Scottish, gaelic singing rock group), and individuals like Martin Carthy and Jez Lowe.

4. gale harold: Brian Kinney in Queer as Folk. Sooooooo pretty. Nuff said.

5. opera: I've liked opera since a little girl, my dad would stick on the records and tell me the stories and I would prance around making the needle jump all over the place, but he never stopped me. He took me to see my first, 'La Boheme', and then the second, 'Faust', both of which I loved. When middle remnant was 15, I took him to see 'Tosca' which he loved and I like to think I've carried on the tradition!

6. randy harrison: Justin Taylor in Queer as Folk. See 4 above.

7. sandman: Neil Gaiman's AWESOME graphic novels. Just amazingly literary story-telling, sometimes funny, sometimes violent and visceral, clever, inventive. When I discovered them they reminded me of why I love comics so much!
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